Project Overview
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Haar At Home

When the COVID pandemic hit closed hospitality venues, chef-owner Dean Banks of Haar restaurant in St Andrew’s reached out to us. The restaurant had only opened a year prior to the but had been well received locally.

Our goal was to help the business diversify and generate an additional revenue stream that would support the business and the employees. As a result of this, we developed a service that would allow loyal customers to enjoy restaurant-quality food at home with simple cooking instructions. Haar at Home was born!

Initially, due to a limited budget, we focused our resources on the existing community and network with incredible results including multiple campaigns generating a ROAS of 20!



Plus Orders


Raised in Crowdfunding

Yearly turnover of the restaurant

“The team at M.AD are key to helping me achieve my ambitious business goals”

Dean Banks

The Strategy

Blown away by the initial results we adapted our strategy to scaling and growth. This included adapting not just for delivering and selling in the local area but now nationwide. For us this included further developments to the online store, managing a larger budget, and increasing the reach to a national level. Within 6 weeks of initially launching the service, our first nationwide deliveries landed on customers’ doorsteps.

Since then Haar at Home has become its own stand-alone business after achieving the initial goal of supporting the restaurant in business during COVID.

Our relationship with Dean and his team has also lead to us managing all of their portfolio of brands.


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