Project Overview
E-Commerce | Branding | PPC


Lunun Gin came to us as a premium gin product (which tastes incredible) with massive amounts of potential.

We took this brand and implemented a marketing strategy to focus on business to consumer sales, this strategy resulted the brand achieving a 2141% increase of e-commerce sales within its first month with Marketing After Dark. Although we have only been working with Lunun Gin for 6 months, we are proud to report we have grown the brands B2C sales via its independent online store by 3817.94%. As an agency, we are now proceeding to expand our attention to also approach wholesale leads for the client.


B2C sales increase in 6 Months


First month B2C sales increase

The Strategy

How we managed to get these results? PPC Social Media and Google advertisement, Emailer and Database management, Marketing Strategy.

As within our company value transparency – we are able to show our client to the penny where their investment went, and the return this got them.

Lunun Gin has proceeded to win two hugely prestigious gold and platinum awards at the Scottish Retail Food and drink awards – we are sure you will love Lunun Gin, its the perfect drink for you this Summer.